Hello, Welcome to the Tecnopaint Máquinas   Having as main purpose the production of machinery and equipment for painting and plating processes, we started our activities in 2002. We pioneered the deve...

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Manufacture and supply:   - Sets Hydraulic Drive type brackets, rods and levers extensions for use on cranes andhoists.   - Produce thermoplastic rubber, the handles, custom handles, or put the logo and the...

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UV System

UV system for vacuum metallization:   Our UV system does not require the exchange of satellites or paint booths normally used in vacuum metallizing with varnishes of thermal curing.   What changes is the in...

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Painting and drying machines:   - Intermittent machine UV - Continuous machine UV - Robot paint booth - Infra red ovens - Painting line and UV curing and IR...

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Rua Expedicionário João Batista Alberton, 448 | B. Tamandaré | Garibaldi | RS | Brasil | 3464 7265 | faleconosco@tecnopaintmaquinas.com.br | 95720-000

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